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Vilage Caucus:  Always held in January so watch for postings as to the date.  If you are interested in being on the Village Board, you must complete a campaign Registration Statement and other paperwork, be present at the Caucus and have a Village resident nominate you and get a second to that nomination. 


Village Caucus:  Wednesday, January 4, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.              CAUCUS NOTICE

Minutes from the Caucus can be found under the Minutes tab                                                                                                                                              


Primary: Tuesday, February 21, 2017              ABSENTEE VOTING NOTICE

                                                                                                           POLLING LOCATION AND HOURS NOTICE

                                                                                                           SAMPLE BALLOT - STOCKBRIDGE SCHOOL DISTRICT

                                                                                                           SAMPLE BALLOT - CHILTON SCHOOL DISTRICT

                                                                                                           FEBRUARY 21, 2017 ELECTION RESULTS


Spring Election: Tuesday, April 4, 2017      NOTICE OF SPRING ELECTION

                                                                                                          SAMPLE BALLOT - STOCKBRIDGE SCHOOL DISTRICT

                                                                                                          SAMPLE BALLOT - CHILTON SCHOOL DISTRICT

                                                                                                          ABSENTEE VOTING NOTICE

                                                                                                          POLLING LOCATION AND HOURS NOTICE

                                                                                                          APRIL 4, 2017 ELECTION RESULTS


*************************************** PLEASE SEE THE NOTE IN RED BELOW**************************************



PLEASE NOTE:  When the Village of Stockbridge posts their election results, the results are only from the Village of Stockbridge voting unit.  It does not contain combined totals for the other municipal voting units (for example, Town of Stockbridge, Town of Chilton, etc.)  All municipalities are required to call in their election results to Calumet County the night of the election.  Individual school districts conduct their own Board of Canvas (double checking results) and the County conducts a Board of Canvas for positions that are a County Supervisor Level and up.  Any results that are posted are unofficial until the Board of Canvasses are completed. 




Wisconsin Clerks are guided by the rules enforced by the Wisconsin Election Commission for all elections.  To be directed to their website for the most up to date information regarding elections CLICK HERE


*********************************VOTER REGISTRATION AND ABSENTEE VOTING INFORMATION****************************


To educate yourself on how to register to vote and to obtain the Voter Registration Application CLICK HERE or call the Village Clerk at 439-1700 or email her at


To learn more information on obtaining an Absentee Ballot, CLICK HERE: 





      I have received a post card in the mail regarding my Voter Registration Status...what does this mean?


Government Accountability Board

State of Wisconsin

State of Wisconsin Mails Postcards to Inactive Voters


MADISON, WI – The Government Accountability Board’s Elections Division mailed postcards this year to nearly 300,000 Wisconsin registered voters who have not voted in the past four years.


"This is an official mailing, and voters can be assured it is not a scam or identity theft scheme," said Kevin J. Kennedy, director and general counsel of the G.A.B.  "State and federal law require inactive voters to be removed from the statewide voter list. This is just one of several measures the Board takes regularly to ensure the integrity of voting in Wisconsin."


The postcard is titled "Notice of Suspension," and asks voters if they wish to remain active in the Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS). Voters have one month to contact their municipal clerk with a return postcard to maintain their active status on the voter list. Voters who do not respond to the postcard, or whose postcard is returned as undeliverable by the Post Office, will be marked as inactive on the voter list.


"This mailing is not designed to keep any active voter’s name off the poll list," said Elections Division Administrator Michael Haas. "Rather, its purpose is to help Wisconsin maintain accurate and quality voter data, and make sure every voter’s name and address is correct and current, and to remove names of voters that no longer wish to vote from poll lists."


Voters who receive the card but believe they have voted in Wisconsin in the past four years should contact their local municipal clerk, who is responsible for recording whether someone voted in an election.  A directory of municipal clerks is available on the Board’s website:  More information about the four-year voter record maintenance process is posted to the Board’s website.


Voters who have changed their names or addresses should not return the card, but instead re-register under their new name or at their new address. Voters can start the registration process online at the MyVote Wisconsin website at, as well as check their registration status and voting history.


The G.A.B. is conducting the required four-year voter record maintenance process on behalf of all but one of Wisconsin’s 1,852 municipal clerks.


The G.A.B. assisted one small Wisconsin municipality that wished to do its own mailing. The clerk reported that it cost $261.00 to print and mail approximately 400 postcards, which works out to approximately 65 cents per postcard. If every municipality printed and mailed its own postcards at that price, the entire mailing of 299,748 postcards would cost local taxpayers more than $194,800.  Having the G.A.B. print and mail the postcards this year cost the state $90,491.86, or 30 cents a postcard, a savings to taxpayers of more than $100,000 in printing and mailing costs alone.

Under state law, mailing these postcards is the responsibility of municipal clerks, but the G.A.B. has shouldered that responsibility for them since 2009 to ensure it is completed uniformly and cost-effectively across the state.


The Government Accountability Board (G.A.B.) is responsible for administration and enforcement of campaign finance, elections, ethics and lobbying laws in Wisconsin. The G.A.B. is made up of six non-partisan, former judges and is supported by an agency of non-partisan staff members




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